Black QBC pendant – Mouth Chakra


“I know healthy boundaries”

“I choose food that is alive and full of optimal energy”

“I speak deliberately with intent”

“I am fully conscious with laser focus”

Black resonates with the mouth chakra, a powerful portal of communion with the universal self. This center holds the integrity between speaking one’s truth and being in true alignment with the words being spoken. It is the origin of authentic power, and acts to deepen the ever-present connection with our unique and outragous divine guiding light. Conscious speaking is greatly heightened and our inner-self talk echos with optimism. This vortex streamlines the best ever food selections with assertiveness and independence, leading us into greater vitality. Black honors itself as a dynamically focused essence and sacred living temple.

Attunement 8: Close your eyes and enjoy a moment of darkness and solitude. Breathe into the neon black that you so often experience before sleep. Find comfort and rest in this place. Focus your breath… breathing black into your mouth. Feel the womb of black manifesting your visions and dreams in the magical incubation of consciousness. Sow the seeds and honor the purity and integrity of your being, for black is the doorway of optimal transformation to the universal self.

NOTE: All pendants come with temporary knots on their straps. Please be sure to secure the knot on your new QBC Pendant prior to wearing it for the first time.