Raj's blog on Spiritual Nourishment - Oh Poor Addicted Me
Raj’s blog on Spiritual Nourishment – Oh Poor Addicted Me

Dear Raj,

you really see clearly and say it like it is. ( not always pretty, hey!)
We are addicted, individually, corporately, globally.

I used to think we are the problem, too.

But now. I see us all very differently.
Our bodies, wonderful bits of kit.
Our minds, awesome processors of infinite capacity.
Our spirits, boundless, powerful and precious.

But we are living in the darkness of (sometimes willful) ignorance; the corporate lies that debt is best, quantitive easing will fix the problem etc.

The greatest fear is that we are not small and limited and inconsequential, but that we are great, powerful, and therefore, somehow responsible to make the changes we fear we are unable to make. So we stay small in our minds and habits and allow ‘the norm’ to predict our ways.

We are all One. We are all powerful. We are all beautiful.

Heaven v Hell

The picture of Hell is of a huge dining table, piled high with beautiful, delicious piles of food. Every diner has his knife and fork. Every diner has his plate.
Every diner is starving, looking at the food, salivating. The room is quiet, dispairing.
The knives and forks are 3 foot long!!

The picture of Heaven is also a huge dining table, piled with gorgeous plates of delicious food, constantly being eaten and then replaced by beautiful helpers, smiling and laughing as they bring out new delicacies.
The diners are also smiling; eating, talking, laughing.
Every diner has his own plate, his own knive and fork. Each knife and fork is 3 foot long!!

In Heaven each diner uses his knife and fork to feed his partner, facing him. They take it in turns to serve each other. They share the experience; of choosing, picking up the food, eating. The server watches his partner as he eats the mouthful he just gave him. Sometimes he talks to him, as you might to a baby you are feeding, ‘how is it? Is it nice?’. But it is all done in collaboration, in the moment. Sharing, paying attention, giving first, receiving second.

All the great gurus tell us Love is the answer. It is the only answer.
Until we focus on the giving, and the needs of each other, nothing works.

The time is now. The selfishness is proving itself to be unsuited to the task.
Taking produces fear, rioting, consequences.
Families have been starving in refugee camps for decades due to wars over oil, land, power, corruption, even of the aid money they are supposed to receive.

So What Now?

We must love our neighbour in order to meet our own needs.
Feed each other to get the sustenance we crave.
That is why we have addiction.

We fear to take the step of those random acts of kindness, because we feel our needs will not then be met. But our souls crave to be generous. So we pump ourselves with our drug of choice. (i am just about to go get my coffee by the way – so no moral high ground here!)

We allow the ground swell of society to dictate our actions.

Our buddha nature longs to show itself, be itself. To give, to love, to be fearless, to be expansive. Only then will our cravings be met. Not by the caffeine hit, the careless liaison, the buzz of the drug, all of which numbs our soul.

Our frustration, confusion, our questions, our concerns, all are answered, satisfied by our connection with source energy, which knows all, provides all, accepts all.

So what is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Ecclesiastes, the preacher, says, “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, drink thy wine with a merry heart, for God now accepteth thy works. For God will bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether good or evil”.

There is only one truth, one joined-up reality we all participate in. There is no escape, no parole. We chose to be here. We chose our situation and predicament. Like participants in a game show we choose silly situations to test our abilities to overcome and highlight our weaknesses. We know we may be thrown off into the water (Wipeout!) but there is a prize and we want it! Just to show we can.

Let us remember this is all a game, we are willing players; growth, fame and hilarity are all possible; and lets not take it all so seriously!
When the stakes are high. It is still only a game. The prizes ephemeral, the ignominy only playful. All we gain is growth, wisdom, and relationship. When people are dying they always say, “Not work, not jobs, but loving my friends, giving my appreciation to the ones I love, being myself, doing my must-do dreams.”. Solomon was a wise old dude. Long dead, his legacy is ours for the taking.

Dont sweat the small stuff. Love your people. Be true to yourself. Life is short. The. lessons are valuable. We are all one. We are all one!!!