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Your first yoga class

Hi there Yogistas, and especially a big warm welcome for Newbies! I want to talk about starting something new - going to your first yoga class, and hopefully give some useful tips.  Let me know how they work for you. The first thing to know about taking a new class...

Christmas, holidays and the Festive Spirit

So the festive season is upon us. Wherever you are the sounds of carols in the shopping centres, the excitement on the childrens faces, the shopping, the planning, the cooking, the wrapping! For so many of us each day of the year is a bit of a rush. We have to-do...

General yoga course, August – September 2014, Merriwa, NSW

7 Week Yoga Course, at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church Hall, corner Bow Street / Mackenzie Street, Merriwa, NSW 2329 (opposite the Merriwa School of Art!) the Merriwa School of Art, Bow St, Merriwa, NSW. Please note that the location change applies for the rest of...

Autumn equinox: Auto detox. Are you ready?

So summer draws to a close. There's a chill in the air. The evenings are longer. The energy changes. We naturally start to become more contemplative as our bodies prepare for the cold dark days of winter. Our appetite begins to change to desiring warm filling meals...

Life, muscles, yoga! (Part 2 of 11)

Hari Om, Yogistas! Lets explore the body/mind/spirit complex you call home! photo credit: tibchris When we look at a body, Somebody, what do we see? The physical body, the attitude and expression they convey, and the energy they generate. The basic body structure is...

Oh Poor Addicted Me – a response

Raj's blog on Spiritual Nourishment - Oh Poor Addicted Me Dear Raj, you really see clearly and say it like it is. ( not always pretty, hey!) We are addicted, individually, corporately, globally. I used to think we are the problem, too. But now. I see us all very...

Getting the most out of your Yoga practice

  Hari Om, Yogistas!   I would like to introduce a short series about Yoga and how it effects us as we practice. photo credit: lululemon athletica Yoga is known as a calming, refreshing, though sometimes challenging, practice of stretches, balances and...

Yoga Vidya Dham the Gurukul (University)

Voices harmonise in the deep calming quietness of the mantra. In darkness the figures sit, shrouded in their shawls. Stars shine out in the black of the morning sky. Venus, a piercing spot, the moon, a heavy crescent of light. The figures sit in silence. Then, bowing,...

Take Your First Class for Free

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