Friends of Freedom Yoga

Yoga teachers, therapists and ashrams

Yoga Vidya Gurukul is affiliated with Freedom Yoga and provides traditional yoga, teacher training and yoga therapy courses in the heart of the sacred area of Maharashtra, just a few hours from Mumbai.
Guruji has established the teaching centre (Gurukul) in the spiritual tradition of Swami Satyananda of Bihar school of yoga, who is master, guide and inspiration. Other centres and branches in India are spread mostly in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Assam and Madhya Pradesh.
Yoga therapy centres are found in Nasik and other regions of India

Svastiyoga Founded by Laurie Reade Endris. Svastiyoga provides yoga, Ayurvedic treatments, teacher training, Kirtan and mantra events and even yoga parties! Beautiful spiritual energy in Minneapolis

Dawn Smith yoga provides yoga classes in Croydon, Surrey in the Iyengar and Kundalini traditions. Dawn is an inspiring and trustworthy guide into the yoga landscape whether as a teacher or teacher trainer. She also provides regular Gong baths for those interested in an inspiring sound experience and inner healing.

Ruth and John White are original students of BKS Iyengar. Ruth has been training yoga teachers in Surrey and Oxford for 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding to share. She provides accessible teacher training, yoga weekends and holidays as well as classes in Oxford. John gives regular talks on Advaita (non-duality) and yoga philosophy at their venue in Shipton under Wychwood.

Sam Rao is an inspirational yoga teacher, and a man who loves to draw out the talents of others and facilitate their success. He was already teaching yoga and training teachers when I first met him in 2004. He also passionately promotes the use of Natures Platform for proper digestive health and detoxing. He can often be found at Yoga shows educating about the GI tract or how yoga moves can bring balance and harmony, and his warmth and humour draw you in in a wonderful way.

Tibetan bowls and ancient artefacts
Paul has been providing Singing bowls to the Sound healing community in UK for many years and is well known from many YogaShows and MindBodySpirit events. Recently he has taken on a project to film and document Tibetan and Nepalese sacred ritual and shamanistic traditional practices as a record and document of its historical and spiritual significance.

Purna offers a range of healing and rejuvenating protocols online and in person in central London.  She is passionate about helping couples with fertility issues and provides workshops and information to help and encourage.  Her own beautiful son was born following her own explorations into natural fertility!  Reiki, Journey, Mudra, Meditation and Yoga are all woven together to meet the needs of clients and students.

Jane Upchurch is a writer and poet with a deep interest in nature, relationships and spirituality.  Her 3 books and beautiful website are an outflow of her love for life and godliness and her sincere generosity towards humankind. Her gentle humour and intense observation bring unforeseen insights to us through her daily meditative practice and lifetime of spiritual practice. She offers Mindfulness poetry trails.

If I have forgotten to include your website and you would like to be included as a friend of Freedom Yoga please contact me. 😉