Alexander Technique for Yoga, and for Life

Alexander Technique is a wonderful practise that will enhance your life in so many ways.
Stress, boredom, poor seating, the wrong bed; all of these can contribute to poor posture.
We learn poor posture at a young age and spend our whole life managing the effects this has upon us.
These include such common ailments as arthritis, neck and back pain, migraines, hypertension, sciatica, insomnia and even depression.

Even yogis, for all their strength, flexibility and poise, may still have sub-optimum posture.

Mr Alexander solved his speech problems through observation and gentle correction of the imbalances in his own habitual standing and sitting postures.
He then went on to help thousands of others to resolve their imbalances too.
Imbalances which were causing all sorts of physical and emotional problems.

The great thing about his technique is that it can reawaken in each one of us the natural balancing mechanism that has been lost.
So once you learn the technique it is now your new habit and is with you for life.
You dont need to be ever vigilant.
Your body will rebalance its musculature, and energy flow and become easier to live in.
Your posture will improve subconsciously, alleviating stresses and problems, and helping you remain centred and grounded, and in harmony with yourself.

I spent 2 years with my Alexander teacher and am still reaping the benefits today.
I include alexander type exercises in my yoga teaching and encourage ‘good use’ in all my students.

Begin to learn about the technique and how you can benefit.
Learn 5 simple ways you can begin to include it in your yoga and your life!

Contact me using the contact form and I can answer your questions and we can explore ways you can introduce this powerful practise into your daily life…​

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