Warrior at Sydney Opera House 2014_Dinah Facius

Warrior at Sydney Opera House 2014_Dinah Facius

Freedom Yoga provides heart-centred yoga classes, locally in the Bega Valley, as well as an online yoga resource and school run by Dinah Facius and Dean Carlton. Dinah has been teaching for 20 years and offering yoga as therapy for 10. Dean is an experienced yogi as well as a qualified yoga teacher and local entrepreneur in the Digital Transformation space. Following the dreadful fires of the summer of 2020, all Dinahs classes have incorporated specific practices to help people change their state, from flight/fight/freeze, to rest and repair. Comments from her students have included their improved sleep patterns following yoga classes, greater ability to make good decisions in all situations – business, family, social – and a general improvement in their sense of wellbeing. Dinah offers specialist help with back problems, and stress related problems designed for individuals, as well as on-site courses for the corporate client. Here is her bio in her own words:

Becoming a yoga teacher

I began training as a yoga teacher after my son was born in 1999. I loved the physicality of it, and the mind body connection. I began teaching almost immediately and have enjoyed it ever since.
Yoga for Stress with RW yoga
My teacher, Ruth White, was one of BKS Iyengar’s original yoga students in London. With her husband John they have taught many people, and introduced them to the joys of yoga, meditation, and non-duality. I feel privileged to have gained so much from Iyengar’s teaching through these 2 and thank them deeply. Once I had started to go on their retreats and learn the different aspects of yoga including its fascinating history and philosophy, I was hooked!
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I also trained with Fenella Lindsell as a Yogabugs teacher working with children as young as 4. Soon after, I began to explore Reiki, in 2003 became a Reiki 3 and in 2005 a Flower Essence practitioner. I found energy work very foreign and actually unbelievable, so both these practises have been challenging. Interestingly, now I feel quite at home with both and as my understanding of Energy Technology has grown, I now feel confident in its basis, veracity and efficacy.

Yoga as therapy

I have always been interested in yoga as therapy, from my earliest days of teaching. Students came with flat feet, poor posture, headaches, injuries, as well as pregnant and new mums. I began creating sessions for weak knees, chair yoga, depression and so much else! In 2011 I felt it was time to formalise this. I was being asked to prepare programs for ME, for eating disorders and other things and I knew I needed some formal, structured approach.
Rishi DharmaJyoti

Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik

I went to India and studied with one of the preeminent yoga therapy schools. Guruji has been teaching yoga for over 35 years, has been running yoga therapy centres in various parts of Maharashtra where they have treated over 30,000 patients. His Gurukul, (teaching centre and ashram) boasts allumni from all around the world and he provides support to all of us through his many books, videos and website. His son Gandha and his wife Kate work closely with Guruji to provide a comprehensive and creditable curriculum of study and understanding and have created a network of health professionals who work with them. Through their input my ideas about yoga have deepened, and my respect for this ancient discipline increased. I qualified with Distinction as a yoga therapist and returned to UK full of new insight and vision.


Speaking of insight, this was my next step. When I returned from India I started teaching Vipassana or Insight meditation. This is structured mindfulness and a challenging and highly rewarding practise. My students brought me many new insights and understandings during these classes, from which we all benefited.

Back problems

Lower back pain

Ouch! My back!

Several years before my Yoga Therapy course I had developed a serious back problem. I needed pain relief and rehabilitation fast! I knew yoga was good for backs but none of the books gave me the specifics of what to do. The pain was extraordinary, my future hung in the balance it seemed. For over a year I devoted myself to self experimentation and research. by the time I went to India I was mobile and pain free, although I was still cautious and lacking confidence. By the time I returned I felt I had it sorted! On my return and in 2012 I began to develop my Back care and rehabilitation program. I included elements of Alexander technique, pilates, as well as energy methodologies and mantra chanting. I have also discovered and ‘road tested’ a selection of props and aids, which really helped me in my return to health and which I now include in the programme. In 2019, I joined the Bega Valley Innovation Hub, as a start up business, promoting The Back Pain Recovery Kit.  Still in development, it will be an online downloadable program, including videos, audios and documents, and will be fully supported, via email and Skype sessions. What I have learned is that back problems are generally preventable, and can also be reversed and alleviated once they have set in. Your health and lifestyle depend on having a strong, flexible and resilient spine.  Find out more about the Back Pain Recovery Kit today!

Big changes in pursuit of a dream

In 2013 our long formed plans to relocate and build our yoga retreat have moved up a gear. My partner Dean, a management consultant, project manager, all round entrepreneur and dyed in the wool ‘suit’, came to yoga in my early classes when I was still finding my feet. He fell in love with it and apart from supporting me in all my endeavours, has completed his yoga teacher training and yoga therapy also. Beginning with Paul Gerrard’s fantastic courses and continuing with his own self study, his understanding of yoga from a male perspective has been hugely beneficial to me. Dean taught all my classes when I was away and my students loved it! imageFrom 2014 we relocated to Australia where my family are from. We have been researching localities and land options and in the coming months will be settling down to create our dream. A place of peace, fertility, hospitality and exploration. Amongst the bottle brush, gum trees, big skies and koalas our exploration of possibility will continue.


In the meantime I am developing my website to help bridge the gap between UK and Aus, between settled, wandering and established, between burgeoning and expansive. I have also embarked on a Higher International Diploma in Holistic Therapies with The School of Natural Health Sciences. This includes Natural Pain management, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Stress Management, and the new understandings and consolidation it is providing is already bearing fruit. My aim in putting together this website, my yoga programs and all my other offerings, is to inspire you if I can; to provide good teaching, accurate information and to demonstrate the value of a holistic approach.

Say “Yes!” to Your Potential!

Each one of us is unique. We each have a dream, a vision, a talent. Yet, for so many, life is humdrum and repetitive without fulfilment. I would like to encourage you to explore your inner landscape and begin to discover your gifts, your desires, your possibilities. I would like to model boldness and self belief and to demonstrate to you the power of saying ‘Yes’ to your potential,. When you do, the Universe responds by providing everything you need to get the job done.
Ganesh Chathurthi

Ganesh – Remover of Obstacles

Qualifications and Experience

500 hrs Karuna teaching certificate, BWY, YA, (2003-8) 216 hrs Yogapoint Yoga Therapy University diploma, (dist). 2011 Yogabugs childrens yoga teacher training 16 hrs YT with Susi Hateley, Master class Russell Stone, Nada Yoga Master class
Registered yoga teacher 500 hours

Yoga 500 hrs

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Institute of Yoga therapists

Yogapoint Nashik India

Yoga Vidya Gurukul

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Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University