Freedom Yoga

Yoga and meditation for every body, including beginners, seniors and the unbendy!

Yoga Classes

Local Classes in the Bega Valley

Iyengar-inspired yoga with a focus on alignment, relaxation training,  self-empowerment and range of movement.

Private Sessions

Individualised classes for small groups and singles.  This is a great way take your practice to the next level, or to work on particular issues in a more therapeutic way.

Seasonal Retreats

Yoga days, retreats and intensives in the beautiful Bega valley.  Yoga weekends and holidays are a great opportunity to do a deep dive into your practice, to immerse yourself in the yoga lifestyle and set yourself up to feel more energised, more relaxed and more positive as you return to your regular life.

Freedom Yoga Classes


6.00pm – 7.15pm


9.00am – 10.15am 


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Meet the Team

Dinah is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Therapist with nearly 20 years experience in London UK.  She trained with Ruth White, one of BKS Iyengar’s original London students (in the 1970s) and the originator of The Yoga Mat.
She did her Yoga Therapy training at The Yogapoint Therapy Centre in Nasik, Maharashtra, India, specialising in Back Pain Resolution.

Stress Management

Learning to cope with and capitalise on your natural stress levels is a key pillar in the practice of yoga.
Especially in this Covid time, everyone is experiencing deep levels of fear and worry on a number of level simultaneously.
There are simple methods to reset your nervous system, from fight and flight, to rest and repair, which you will learn and practice during Dinahs classes.
You will learn how to quickly relax at a deep level in your first class.
This will mean you will sleep better, keep a clear mind so you can make better decisions, and feel more focused.
Heart/Brain coherence is a key marker of deep feelings of wellbeing and this can be developed and experienced during each class and meditation.

Back Pain Recovery Kit

Dinah is working on an online downloadable program aimed at helping back pain sufferers use proven science-based methods and techniques:-
to deal with back pain,
to strengthen their whole spine and  back musculature,
to develop flexibility
and build confidence in their own body and its innate ability to heal.

Take Your First Class for Free

Dinah is keen to encourage everyone to come and try yoga for themselves.  Since the catastrophic fires which swept through the Bega valley and New South Wales, during January and February 2020, she has offered free classes to newcomers as a service to her local community.
Seasoned yogis and absolutely newbies are welcome to join all classes.
Iyengar yoga is highly adaptable, allowing the inexperienced to work alongside experienced yoga practitioners, with each person working to their own measure.  We use a variety of special yoga props to enable the less flexible to get real benefit out of each pose, and encourage each person to explore the boundaries of their own ability in a safe and supported fashion.
Dinah believes that we can do our best work in a relaxed easy-going environment, so she encourages students to experiment within their own capacities and to be autonomous in their practice.
Although not an official Laughter Yoga class, enjoying yourself and having a good laugh can be a delightful aspect of Freedom Yoga classes!

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